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Baking Fun

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Kids , Tweens
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Learn how to make miniature pizza pies from the comfort of your home! This program is for all ages. An adult must be present, since we will be using an oven and handling a hot cookie sheet. Families will need to provide their own ingredients and kitchen tools (see below). Please register only once per family, even if you have more than one child attending.



Two regular sized pie crusts (refrigerated, NOT frozen)

1 cup of pizza sauce

12 oz. package of shredded mozzarella cheese

Optional: 1 beaten egg (to brush on top of crust)

Optional: Additional toppings (vegetables, meat, spices, etc.)

Tip: Pour cheese, sauce, and any other toppings into bowls ahead of time.


Kitchen tools:

Cookie sheet (a larger cookie sheet is easier to work with, but use whatever you have!)

Parchment paper (to line the cookie sheet)

Cup, glass, or round cookie cutter (to cut circles out of pie crust)



Rolling pin

A good surface to roll out dough (parchment paper or plastic wrap taped to a table or countertop works well. Or just sprinkle a bit of flour on your surface.)

Optional: Pastry brush (to brush egg on top of crust)

Tip: It is helpful to have a cup, fork, and spoon for each participant, so everybody can create pizza pies at the same time.

Tip: To keep your rolling pin from sticking to the pie crust (and to keep the rolling pin clean), you might want to have an additional piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap to put on TOP of the crust while you roll it. Or just have extra flour ready to sprinkle on the crust.


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